Kate Spade Bags

Kate Spade bags are renowned for their elegant, sophisticated bags, and these bags have become everyone’s favourites, since their beginnings in 1993.

Here is the cream of the crop: some of the best bags as of today in the Kate Spade bags collection.


Kate Spade Sasha Shoulder Bag

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 Kate Spade Sasha Shoulder Bag

This Sasha Shoulder Bag is definitely for everyday use, with its practical design and ample roominess to fit all your necessities.

The neat little bow at the front brings a touch of youth, and if polka dots are your thing (they’re mine!) this might just become your new favourite bag.


Kate Spade Leslie Shoulder Bag

  Kate Spade Leslie  Shoulder Bag

This Leslie Shoulder Bag is what I think of when I imagine Kate Spade bags.

The usual softness and rounded edges make this bag stand out, and the lovely cream of the bag will beautifully complement whatever outfit you wear with it.


kate Spade charlie, shoulder bag

 kate Spade Charlie Shoulder Bag

Made of Italian felt, this Charlie Shoulder Bag is one of the more unique spins on bags that Kate Spade brings.

I love the coatlike exterior of the bag; it’s totally for winter, if you think about it.

The elegance of the bag really shines with those two rows of buttons, and overall, this really is a very creative bag, one I’d love to have in my collection.


Kate Spade Macdougal Alley Gladys Cross-Body

 Kate Spade Macdougal Alley Gladys Cross-Body

This hobo bag is also for everyday wear, and it’s so cute and tiny that it brings an effortless chic to your outfit.

The bag also features a triple-compartment-interior. No, really, it does. It’s deceptively small, huh?


Kate Spade Macdougal Alley Lori Hobo

Kate Spade Macdougal Alley Lori Hobo

This Macdougal Alley Lori Hobo is slouchy enough to make me covet it.

Its beauty is that it’s just as lovely on a casual day out as it is on a night out, making it extremely compatible with whatever you choose to wear with it, wherever you take this Hobo.


Kate Spade Essex Scout Cross-Body Kate Spade Essex Scout Cross-Body

This Essex Scout Cross-Body puts me in mind of the old, old days when everyone loved their things elegant and tailored, although I’m sure they’d have preferred more frills and laces to go with it.

This Kate Spade bag brings elegance and clean-cut edges into play, providing a sophisticated look to your office outfit.