Trench Coats for Women

Trench coats are generally nice-looking and warm, so during the coming fall and winter months, that’s a complete plus.

Here we’ve selected a few trench coats by  French Collection, G-Star, Tommy Hilfiger, Tina Turk, Via Spiga – all of which are stylish and look amazing.

Paired with a pair of dark pants, leggings, and nice shoes, you’re all set to make a glorious entry into the fall season.

French Connection Women's Franco Twill Long-Sleeve Classic Trenchcoat

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French Connection

This stylish  French Connection Women’s Long-Sleeve Classic Trench coat has the coolest buttons for sure, and the way they’re spaced looks amazing with the creamy white of the coat.

 Paired with a nice pair of jeans, this trench coat will definitely be a staple of your wardrobe for the winter months.

G-Star Womens Cl Bar Trench Coat


This beautiful trench coat by G-Star is kind of cool. It has a rocker-chic look to it while remaining elegant and feminine.

The sandy brown color of the trech coat looks amazing, and it’s a comfortable enough length that you can wear it on a warmer day, too.


Tommy Hilfiger Women's Double Breasted Spring Trench Coat

Tommy Hilfiger

This trench coat by Tommy Hilfiger  is water resistant and is also light enough to be wearable anytime there’s a chill.

Creamy white just looks so good on trench coats, and this one is no exception. I love it!


Trina Turk Women's Transtar Belted Cuff TrenchcoatTrina trunk

Every wardrobe must have  a classic trench like this  Trina trunk  This one has broken a twill and belted cuffs that add to the chic look of the coat.

The warm beige shade of the coat adds maturity and of course, goes well with practically every pair of dark pants in your closet.

Via Spiga Women's Fall Rain Scarpa Trench CoatVia spiga

This particular  Via spiga trench coat doesn’t really attract me. I don’t like the too-wide collar and the open neckline;

I prefer my trench coats to be warm at the neck, instead of having to do what the model above did to cover her neck from the elements, which, to me, doesn’t look good at all.

But I do like the chocolate color of the coat.